What Is Creek Day?

San Luis Obispo County Creek Day is the premier volunteer event focused on removing trash and restoring the health of our local creeks throughout the county and the Salinas River.  This cleanup is an annual event coordinated by the Creek Day Planning Committee.


Creek Day has become an annual event providing an opportunity to recognize the need to protect the ecological health and beauty of San Luis Obispo County. This year, we celebrate the 23rd Annual Creek Day!

Litter such as food wrappers, beverage containers, cigarettes, and smoking-related materials make up between 60%-80% of the debris found in the annual Creek Day cleanup. Trash and litter are not only harmful to the health of our watershed, but they have repercussions on economic activities, particularly tourism and real estate values in our County.

Creek Day is a way for all citizens of San Luis Obispo County to join the effort to protect our beautiful coastline by joining the effort to remove litter from our beaches, creeks, shoreline, river, streets, parks, and neighborhoods; thereby, reducing the harmful impact caused by both litter and urban runoff and enhancing the natural beauty of our watersheds.

BOOKMARK 2014 Creek DayBOOKMARK 2014 Creek Day2

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